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Camden is a region in north-central London that became famous for its handicraft market since it opened its doors in the 1970s and, mainly, for the type of public this market attracted. Today many punks, Goths and other urban tribes still roam the streets of Camden, but it is no longer strange to see them. Many things have changed in the last thirty years in Camden, which has ceased to be the centre of London’s alternative scene. Today, Camden attracts Londoners from diverse urban tribes and, above all, many tourists.

Why should you visit Camden Town?

Camden Town stands out for its original decoration, it is a neighborhood with unique and very creative facades that give attention to the shops. Strolling through this curious and lively area of London, you will be tempted to enjoy shopping, leisure in English pubs, the huge variety of restaurants and food stalls. Camden Market is known to be the place that most attracts the attention of visitors who walk through the neighborhood of Camden Town. The flea market was established in 1974, initially as the Camden Lock craft market around more traditional stores. For one thing, they say that Camden is one of the most visited tourist attractions in London.

Camden Town markets:

There are hundreds of workshops and studios of designers, stalls and stores that sell a wide range of products: from alternative clothing and accessories, vintage, or local designers; to antiques, furniture, costume jewellery in general, discs and CDs, jewellery, souvenirs for tourists or handicrafts; In addition to tattoo and piercing shops. Also, and to complement the visit, you can stop for a drink at one of Camden’s many cafes, restaurants and pubs.

In fact, there are five separate areas of shops and stalls along the main street of Camden (Camden High Street) and Chalk Farm Road, each with its own characteristics. The nearest subway station is Camden Town, on the Northern line (black on the London Underground Map), but on Sundays, I suggest you get off at the next station on the line, Chalk Farm, which is less crowded and it is also very close to the markets.

Camden-Town-marketsIn Camden Market, there is a lot to see because in this great market we can find a little bit of everything. From traditional food, vintage clothing, second-hand items, charming antiques, handicraft products, books, records and other jewellery perfect for collectors. Most visitors agree that the Camden market is the perfect place to spend a fun morning where you can buy at good prices and taste a plate of food while we walk. If we want to eat well, it is an advantage to visit this place because it is one of the most original markets in London. The variety of food attracts people by offering dishes of various nationalities in the stalls located in the square that are bought in trays for 3 or 4 pounds. In Camden Market, there are 6 different markets where we can find practically everything and buy at a great price.

Best day to visit Camden Town:

Now, if you do not worry about the crowds and you bear the stresses well, the best day to visit Camden is Sunday, since you can enjoy the best atmosphere of the markets. Although most of the markets and many stalls at Camden Lock and Stables Market are open during the week, there are other stores that only work on Sundays, which is still the busiest day in the Camden Town markets.

Electric Ballroom:

Electric-BallroomAlthough it only opens on Saturdays and Sundays, it is an original interior market and a classic of Camden Market. Movies, magazines and articles for collectors are sold.

How to get to Camden Town?

To get to Camden Town we must move to North London, and the best option is to get on the subway taking the Northern Line in the direction of Edgware or High Barnet. It is recommended to use a travelcard or the card oyster card that covers the zones 1 and 2 of the city to be able to lower in the Station of Camden Town.

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