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From extensive parks for running to museums designed entirely for children, London city has many things to offer families. A family holiday in London does not have to be expensive either: there are many ways to save money on a family trip to London. If you choose your accommodation and activities carefully during the trip, you can spend a great vacation without spending too much! In this post, we will give you tips on how to save on expenses during a trip to London, and we will include tips on how to find affordable accommodation and free tourist activities!

If you are planning your family trip to London well in advance, try to organize the trip out of season, to avoid the higher costs. This means that you should avoid the summer months since London tends to be full of tourists and is more expensive between June and August.

Holiday Rental Apartment in London:

As for the reservation of accommodation, consider staying in a holiday apartment during your stay instead of a hotel. Especially when traveling with the family, the prices of an apartment can be very competitive. When you rent an apartment, you do not have to pay for a room, as you would in a hotel, and for the same price you get:

  • A fully equipped apartment
  • One or more bedrooms
  • One or more private bathrooms
  • A living room
  • A kitchen, which can be very useful, since you will not have to spend money on expensive hotel breakfasts, but you can prepare your own breakfast!

The apartments are also usually much larger than a hotel room, which allows children to enjoy the space. Thus, they will not get bored easily either, since most of the time there is cable TV and Wi-Fi in the apartments, often at no extra charge!

Transportation to and within London:Transportation to and within London

Taking a train can be an economical and convenient option. For example, the Eurostar will take you directly to the St. Pancras International train station in central London. If you fly to London’s Heathrow airport, the cheapest way to get to the city is the subway. The easiest way to travel by metro using an Oyster card. If you are going to be in London for a short period, and you are planning to use the metro a lot, then you could also choose to buy a Travelcard. With a Travelcard you can travel without limits by metro, bus or tram.

Free Visits in London:

After learning to move on the subway, you’ll want to start exploring London! When the weather is good, exploring the city on foot is great. Discover the old cobbled streets of the old City of London, walk past the Tower of London and along the Tower Bridge. Both the north shore and the south bank of the Thames have very interesting pedestrian paths, so you have a breath-taking view of the city on the other side of the water.

Another interesting bridge to cross is the Westminster Bridge, from where you can take pictures of the London Eye to the east and the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben to the west. If you walk west from here you will find one of London’s wonderful royal parks: St. James Park. If there is sun, they are great to take the kids and spend a day in the park. From the end of the park you can see the changing of the guard for free at Buckingham Palace.

Eat for Little Money in London:Eat for little money in London

After the excursion to one of the food markets, you can bring the fresh products to your vacation rental apartment, and enjoy a family dinner at home! The fully equipped kitchen will make it easy to cook your own meals in the apartment, and this will save you a lot of money during the trip!

We hope you have enjoyed our tips for saving during a family trip to explore London!

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