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Victoria and Albert Museum is one of the best places in London. It is not just enjoyable for the adults but kids as well. This museum is more beautiful than Science Museum, British Museum and Natural History Museum. It is completely child-friendly.

It is one of the largest museums in the world that is adorned with applied arts. There are many people who assume that this museum will not have anything for kids but it is a wrong assumption. It has a huge range of awesome and engaging activities for children.

So, you will have a lot of fun with your family. You will be able to see the most imperative Persian carpet in the world, Lion King Costumes, the 16th century English knightly artifacts, historical court apparel and sculptural arts from the Great Masters.

If you want to know more about the things this model museum London offers to kids than you should know some tips. Here are the following:

  1. Go in the side door

When you will enter the museum then you will come across a small Exhibition Road entrance which will be from the tunnel linked to the South Kensington tube. You will not enter from the Grand Entrance on Cromwell Road.

There will be a cloakroom from where you can get the prams, child scooters, and pushchairs. Each of these items will cost you only £1. Small bags and coats are also available. You must not miss out the amazing main entrance and have a look at the stairs.

  1. Head straight to the Learning Centre

There is a variety of activities for children whose age is from 5 to 12 on numerous themes. They will surely win prizes as well if they will perform well. There is an exceptional “Agent Animal” backpack for the children under the age of five.

There are total six animals to track down the numerous galleries of the museum. Your children will get six different small gadgets that will make a sound of an animal which will make them happy.

The Chinese Lion is one of the best Asian galleries at the Victoria and Albert Museum. It is the part of the children’s activity backpack.

It is a wonderful idea to take children to the Victoria and Albert Museum. In one of the Victoria and Albert activity packs, there is a camel jigsaw. There is an engaging golden chicken contain present in one of the Asian galleries.


  1. Play dress up

When you will be dropping off the backpack at the Learning Centre, then you have to move to the corner of the Theatre Collection. There are a few awesome costumes and miniature stage sets present there. All of them will have impressive details. Your kids can dress up in a lot of outfits. Most of the outfits will be for children of age above five. Your little ones can try out the cloak.

  1. Check out the picnic spot

In the event that you have brought food with you then there are tables with seats at the Lunch side of the museum. You can enjoy your meal in the good weather. However, you are not allowed to take the eatables in the galleries. The café has many delicious meals for children and some options are available for adults too. Whether you want a snack or salads, it will only cost you £7.5. There are high chairs present in the Garden Café.

Last Word

You will be able to enjoyfamily art fun V&A.There are different museum activity sheets where your kids can take pleasure in. There are different Family workshops ideas you will find in the V&A. It is also known as the Toy Museum UK.

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