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Silent Discos are getting popular with the passage of time in the youth. For an outsider, it looks quite odd that why people are dancing and swinging without audible music. In many big cities of the world like Los Angeles, NY and London are making silent discos nowadays.

However, the London Silent Disco Shard is one of those discos that is unique in every way from the rest. In the month of July 2012, there was an inauguration laser light show on the back of The Shard.

Silent disco shard 2017 is included in the stylish and modish Silent Discos. On the 69th and 72nd floor, the viewing platforms are hosting Silent Discos on the specific dates of each month. The price of each ticket is worth £37.50 which is not too expensive for many Londoners.

In one ticket, a person can enjoy on the floors for 4 hours and wear a cool designed cordless headset. This headset is the only silent party equipment. On the headset, there will be 3 channels from which the person can choose one of his/her own choices. After reaching the reception, coats and jackets must be put off and placed in the cloakroom.

You can easily take two lifts to reach the 68th floor. Each lift will go halfway to the building. The washrooms have the floor-to-ceiling windows with amazing views of the London city. It seems a bit awkward while using the washroom which has floor-to-ceiling glass windows. But there is one thing that one should keep in mind; no one can see you from this height.

With the collaboration of The View From the Shard and Timeout London

The actual focus of the action was in the viewing gallery on the 69th floor. There are total 3 DJs that are linked to 3 different colors. These colors include the green, red and blue. Thus, you can easily switch your cordless headset to which one you would like to listen to.

It does not matter what sort of music you like, there is something for everyone. Also, there will be around 20 to 30 people on the floor from which mostly were group friends.

There is a range of bars that are placed around and offering themed cocktails. Champagne lovers will also get a chance to taste the best champagne. Also, usual drinks like beers and wines are readily available.

You can drink vodka, beer or wine by spending just £7. All the drinks served are refreshing as well as tasteful. There are many people who come to visit this place but in the beginning, they get scared from the extreme height.

But after reaching the 69th and 72nd floor, they are ready to do disco. You can sing and dance in your own way as everyone mind their own business. On the other hand, you can also make good friends at this place.

Dancing, music, and drinking must be placed aside. The entire event is so amazing to enjoy. You get the opportunity to have 360-degree views of London from the height of 800ft. There is an attractive touch-screen telescope on the 69th floor from where you can zoom into your favorite landmarks in London.

While doing disco, you can view the Tower Bridge which is an exceptional view from the dance floor. At a great height, you will surely be able to enjoy your best. You can visit this Silent Disco with your friends, wife/husband, siblings or any other relative.

Keep in mind that you have to take the shard silent disco tickets in advance. The ambiance is pleasurable and friendly. You will find the staff quite nice and welcoming.

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