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One of the most renowned waterways is the River Thames. It has been expanded to lots of bridges in London. Some of the bridges have several years of age, while the other bridges are quite new.

However, not all these bridges are a way for getting from one side of the river to the other side. The majority of the bridges are tourists’ destinations in their particular way.

You can find many bridges in London map. You can visit the London bridges in order of the map. Nevertheless, you have to keep the bridges across the Thames in London. It will help you in exploring each of the bridge. At the moment, we are going to guide you about the London Bridges. Have a look at them below:

  • Lambeth Bridge

Lambeth Bridge is a bridge for the street traffic and footbridge that is used to cross the River Thames. It is on the spot of the horse ferry between the Palace of Westminster as well as Lambeth Palace on the south bank. This was the first bridge that was opened in the year of 1862 in London. It was shut for the vehicles in the year of 1910.

The present bridge was opened in the year of 1932. The Museum of London has done a show on it between the 27th June and 2nd November 2014. This show was called Bridge. It highlighted the artistic creations, prints, photos, and films.

  • London Bridge

It would not be the most creative name for a bridge, yet it’s unquestionably one of the most seasoned and most celebrated landmarks in London city. This bridge is 269 meters long, and it was opened for the traffic in the year of 1973.

Still, there have been a few modifications throughout the years from as far back as the Roman circumstances. It was initially the main traverse of the Thames. At present, it is the main bridge to have warmed asphalts (under the solid squares) which prevents it from icing in the winter season.

  • London Millennium Footbridge

Acclaimed for its unbalanced beginnings, and also appearances in ‘Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince’ and the opening arrangement of ‘The Apprentice,’ this bridge of London was finished in the year of 2000.

The passerby footbridge was not too attractive as it made an influencing movement that constrained the bridge to be shut for a long time. The postponement bridge with its new ‘cutting edge of light’ outline is 325 meters in length. It is ready to assist 5,000 individuals at just the once.

  • Westminster Bridge

This bridge was opened in the year of 1862. It is 252 meters long over the River Thames. It is prevalently green in shading to coordinate the leather seating in the House of Commons. Any person on this amazing structure will have the capacity to appreciate an incredible perspective of sights, for example, the Houses of Parliament.

  • Albert Bridge

Interfacing Chelsea and Battersea, this bridge was named after Prince Albert (spouse of Queen Victoria). It is a standout amongst the most renowned attractions in the London city. Like the Millennium Bridge, it too had basic issues when it was first made in the year of 1873.

It needed to experience a lot of remodeling work. Remaining at 220 meters long and secured with a large number of shaded lights, it looks mind blowing at evening time.

  • Tower Bridge

This bridge is 244 meters long.  It is likely the most famous and conspicuous of bridges in London city. After eight years, with the diligent work of around 432 development laborers, it got completed in the year of 1894. To help the bridge, there are two big tiers made up from 70,000 tons of cement were sunk into the River Thames.

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