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London is a city that has the most beautiful places of the world. People from across the globe come to visit this city to check out its attractions. However, in case you want to look at the best views in London then nothing to worry about. We are here with London views free. Just scroll down to know about the lookouts in London:

  • Sky Garden London

Sky garden is one of the best and latest skyscrapers to appear on the skyline of London. It is mostly known as the “Walkie-Talkie.” It is actually the glass building with an exceptional shape that spreads out building stretches.

It is a new London landmark which is actually a big glass dome. On the 3 floors, you will be able to see the landscaped gardens. They also contain the open air terrace as well. You do not have to spend a single penny to view the Sky Garden.

  • New Change

The NEW CHANGE LONDON is the modish steel and glass construction. It is close to the St. Paul’s Cathedral. It has many shops, restaurants along with offices. The best part about this building is that it has a rooftop garden. The garden word implies that it has greenery on the top floor which makes it stand out from the rest.

It is an awesome place for the selfie and group selfie lovers. People used to visit this building in the month of summer. You will be able to see international sporting events on the screens of this building.  From this building, you will have the best views in london at night. You can also see this London skyline at night wallpaper.

  • View from the Tate Modern

Another awesome way to get the best views of London, you have to visit the Tate Modern. It is an awesome museum from which you can have beautiful views. From this museum, you will be able to view the Millennium Bridge that is spanning the river from the Tate to the Cathedral.

Not just that, all the London will be in front of you from this viewpoint. You can visit this place with your family or friends without worrying about money. The reason is that you do not have to spend money to check out this place.

  • Parliament Hill, Hampstead Heath

This Heath is actually the 791-acre parkland. It is located in the North London hills. According to the historians, military activities were taken place during the Civil War at this place. Due to which it is named as the Parliament Hill, Hampstead Heath.

All the Londoners used to visit this place more often as the views are just breathtaking. The parkland is an ideal place for picnic and kids will surely enjoy playing here. Some Londoners come here on daily basis to do walk. However, this place is quite high so you can have a look of the entire city.

  • Primrose Hill

It is present on the top of the Camden. It is located in the area of Primrose Hill which is a home of wealthy and rich people. It is close to the London Zoo and Regent’s Park. You can climb on it easily without getting tired. The paths are quite paved. On the other hand, the incline is gradual.

The primrose hill view is amazing and beautiful. You can have a view of the tree-lined lanes of Regent’s Park along with the rolling hills.

Last Word

London is a place that you will amaze you with its awesome places. These are the just few places from where you can have perfect views of the city. There are many other viewpoints too.

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