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London is one of those cities in which people are very foodie. It is considered as the heart of UK so you will find all the British dishes in this city. Not just British, but you will find many other dishes of other places in this city. It does not matter which sort of dishes do you like, you will find it here.

There is such a huge amount of delicious menu filter available in London. In case you are a foodie and present in London then you need to know about the English dinner menu. We are going to explain you below the best dishes in London, have a look:

  1. Langoustines, Kaffir Lime & Sweet Mint

In the event that you have grown up in the London then you would surely love this dish. It is healthy.The langoustines are served with the sweet mint and Kaffir Lime to give it a sweet and sour taste.

  1. Meat Fruit

Meat fruit is made by the chef Heston of the restaurant located in the Mandarin Oriental. This dish is the mixture of meat and fruit. It is a dry dish in which the meat is roasted and then fruits are added into it especially pineapple. The sweet and sour taste makes it delicious.Meat fruit best dish in london

  1. Bacon Naan

In case you are fond of naan then this dish is a must for you to try. Bacon is one of the most preferred dishes of the Londoners. If you want to have a good and healthy breakfast then you should try this dish. The dish is salted and a bit spicy.

  1. Filled Doughnuts

Filled Doughnuts does not sound amazing but it is tasteful too. It is one of those dishes that you can eat at breakfast, lunch or dinner. It is topped with chocolate cream. However, it depends entirely on you that with what sauce you would like to eat it. It is available at the Bread Ahead at the nominal price.

  1. Jerk ChickenJerk Chicken Best street food in London

Chicken is loved by many people across the globe. In the event that you are going London this weekend and want to try out tasty chicken then you should check out the Jerk Chicken. In the event that you want to taste the flavor of Caribbean then you should come to the South London.

It is available at the Fish, Wings & Tings. The chicken is coated with the sour and sweet tamarind sauce with a bit of lingering heat.

  1. Buttermilk Fried Chicken & Pine Salt

WOW! It is seriously a dish to try! How can you resist fried chicken made in buttermilk along with pine salt? The presentation of this dish is more than awesome. It is a light recipe and will work for you as an appetizer. All the chicken lovers can satisfy their taste buds with this delicious treat.

  1. Char-grilled Octopus & Chorizo

Char-grilled Octopus & Chorizo traditional London food

Octopus is something that you might not have tried yet! Still, it tastes delicious if it is made soft and just melts in your mouth. Whenever you get a chance to visit London then you should try Chargrilled Octopus & Chorizo. Once you will taste it then you will be licking it and order a second one for sure. Chorizo is used in this dish to enhance the taste of the octopus.

Last Word About Best Dishes in London

All the above traditional London food is the most delicious treats that every traveler or Londoner would love to try. We have mentioned you the top London food names. You can also find other London must eat food. You can find many dishes in the restaurant dishes list that are traditional.

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