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Finding cheap flights is increasingly becoming an art. The time of the travel agencies is happening to a better life, and more and more people are launching the adventure, and with a computer, an internet connection, and a bit of skill, they can find flights at very reasonable prices. reduced without dying in the attempt. How to find and buy cheap flights on the internet: you will book your airline tickets at the best price. In this post, we are going to offer you some interesting facts that will help you to find cheap flights to all parts of the world: Europe (Paris, London, Berlin, Rome …), cities of the United States such as New York, countries of Asia as Thailand, Japan, Cambodia or Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Spain … All over the world.

What is the best day of the week to buy airline tickets at a good price?

On Friday, Saturday and Sunday the prices are skyrocketing … Why? It is the moment that we all take advantage of to look for cheap flights online during our free time. It is not well seen to look for them during office hours. Tuesday is the best time to buy cheap airline tickets. Another theory of the conspiracy tells us that Tuesday is the time when airlines “refresh” their databases, and then the tickets dramatically lower in price.The best time to buy a flight ticket to London is 1-2 months before the departure of the flight and buying it on Tuesday afternoon.

Get Last Minute Cheap Flights in London?

It does not work like it used to … In the past, you could show up at the airport and ask for a ticket for a flight that left in the next two hours. Most flights are always complete. You will only be able to access this type of last-minute flight if you have a friend in an airline if you have paid for a plane ticket and you want to leave a little earlier or you have lost your flight and you must assign another one.The be st option to find good last-minute flights is to look for them with your computer and surf the internet: In social networks like Twitter or Facebook can be of help (subscribe to the channels of airlines). Being flexible with the dates and the destination country or city (select any destination in Skyscanner, for example). Being attentive to the holiday packages that people cancel at the last minute (they are always offered at a discount)

Where And How Can We Find Cheap Flights Online?

To buy tickets at a good price, the first places we should visit are the cheap flight search engines:


Sky-scanner find cheap flight, hotels, cars I love this search engine because directly in the destination you can go to a world map. You choose the departure airport and select “The world” as your destination. What better way to travel than this?

Cheap Flights in London:

Another great option, because you can select a range of dates and an area of the world. You can also limit the prices and consult a calendar of offers.


A more traditional search engine but also works great.Kayak A more traditional search engine

Google Flights – Special Mention:

A special mention deserves Google Flights. It is an online tool from Google that will help you find the perfect flight and flight (and possibly the cheapest option). In addition, you can configure the service to notify you when the plane tickets go down. This engine of the search for cheap flights of Google tries to speed up the process selecting the main airlines and comparing them to be able to make the best selection. You no longer must visit all airlines or all general search engines to find the best offer for your next trip.If you already have your flight dates and destination, there is nothing easier than putting it in the search fields to compare between the different companies. Usually get the most economical price. You can choose the number of stops of your trip, the amount you want to pay, your preferred airlines, time of departure and arrival or maximum duration of your trip in your filters.

Low-Cost Airline Service Providers:

These are some of the best known low-cost airlines:

  • RyanAir
  • EasyJet
  • AirAsia
  • Vueling
  • Iberia Express

London Airport Transfer Guide:

If you visit London, with discounted travel deals, you can get London Airport taxi from Waterloo-cars at a discounted rate too well-known airport pick-up and drop-off service in London.

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